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Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Respected Roots is an all-natural men’s cosmetic grooming line, created by two businessmen and entrepreneurs, Jason L. Hawkins and Jaret Patterson.


In urban communities across the nation, barbershops have been at the forefront of implementing grooming traditions, but Respected Roots has positioned themselves to be the new golden standard. After noticing that the lack of cosmetic lines dedicated to men of color, Hawkins and Patterson felt that it was time to take matters into their own hands. In a league of their own, Respected Roots started their crusade in 2015, providing men with the cosmetic products they so desperately need.


According to Hawkins, Respected Roots is more than a brand –  it’s a culture. Hawkins and Patterson are both passionate about using their platform to “restore confidence” amongst young black men and people of color. Both Hawkins and Patterson vowed to put the revitalization of the African-American community at the forefront of their brand, promoting positivity and youth empowerment throughout the community.


Both men have continued to gain notoriety in communities across the U.S, implementing business academies to encourage financial independence, teaching youth about steps to create viable business plans and maintaining a sense of community as priority, through a number of mentoring programs, in which they have most recently launched, “The Respected Roots Brotherhood Initiative.”


In efforts to expand the Respected Roots brand, Hawkins and Patterson launched Respected Roots magazine, “a magazine to progress the culture forward.” Respected Roots Magazine will seek to improve the negative images depicted of men in minority communities, while merging fashion with grooming as well as health, wellness, fitness and financial aspects. This magazine will stand out against all the others because it will feature two black men on every cover.


Using a comprehensive marketing approach, Respected Roots foresees itself becoming a global household name. Their products can be found on Amazon, local OTC retailers, and barbershops across the nation. Both Hawkins and Patterson have been featured on platforms such as, Sheen Magazine, Michael and Joi in the Morning, Sister Circle, CW’s “Focus Atlanta” and on CBS 46 “Astrid in the ATL.” They were also voted best vendor in a number of beauty and trade shows such as Bronner Brothers, CIAA and Black Women’s Expo, Chicago. Respected Roots most recently received the honor of “Best New Brand” at the 2018 Discover Beauty Awards during Cosmoprof.


They are also currently on a 32 city tour to promote their brand. With such dedication, drive, and optimism for community, this is only the beginning for Respected Roots.

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