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Meek Mill New Album, Championships


Meek Mill New Album, Championships

Meek Mill New Album, Championships

We love to see a come up story and there is no bigger redemption story than rapper, Rapper Meek Mill.

Today Meek dropped his long-awaited album, Championships. The album is his first since being released from prison earlier this year on a bogus probation violation that ignited  the hip-hop community. Meek was eventually freed after intense pressure on the judicial system, and once released he took up the mantle of activism to speak out about the corrupt judicial system. His new album Championships is a victory lap of sorts with the rapper – who is known for his street credibility and hard core street records-  appearing to turn the corner of his artistry into activism and consciousness. Don’t get it confused, there are still those hardcore bangers that have Meek screaming at the top of his lungs about the trappings of his success, but there are more mature records as well.

For example, he has a track, Going Bad, with his former nemesis, Drake, that goes hard! Then, there is the track with Rick Ross and Jay Z, What’s Free. Over a billion dollars on the track, and they chose to address social issues and lambast the entertainment industry. Dope!

This is the Meek Mill we’ve been waiting for, a bonafide “street” artist obtaining a level of consciousness, and turning his mic up to 10. Championships is the perfect soundtrack of the season, a season of giving thanks, reflection, and preparation to get your championship in 2019. Salute Meek!

Check out, What’s Free featuring Jay Z and Rick Ross here.

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