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Memoirs of the Man: Part 3 (Don’t Forget Your Armor)

Man to Man

Memoirs of the Man: Part 3 (Don’t Forget Your Armor)

Memoirs of the Man: Part 3 (Don’t Forget Your Armor)

Written by: Tony Robinson

The wins have been hard and the losses have left their marks in two places. He constantly relives the battle in his head and bares the marks of his conquest in his physical frame. He is mighty on the battlefield and brilliant in the marketplace. He is the protector of the people, the keeper of the flame and the bread winner for his house. He is the honorable son, he is his brothers’ keeper, and the king of his palace.  Everyday he is laden with the responsibility to perform at his best. No mercy, no excuses, just the expectations of a stellar performance and consistent results. He stands in the mirror fully clad in the armor of the day as he mentally prepares to complete his task. He inhales deeply taking in the courage needed to brave the winds that will oppose him and squares his shoulders, praying for the strength that he will require to complete the day.

I speak of the truth that every man is faced with every day. As we brave the cold and face the giants that stand and occupy the territory we must possess; we have to embody unmarred confidence and know that we have the goods to secure the bag, bring home the bacon, and protect our fort! The territory that is occupied may be that new position at the gig, it could be the business that you’ve dreamed about for years, it could be that degree, that book, that home with the wife and kids… (you fill in the blank!) Whatever it is, just know that it translates into a piece of your freedom and you are the rightful owner of it! As you head out to tackle your opportunities and take back your territory, I have one word of advice; don’t forget your armor!


So men, as we as we bring our talk about Memoirs of the Man to a close, let’s review:

In Part one, “A King’s journal” we discussed the unspoken language of the man and the obstacle courses he navigates by possessing four key attributes (maturity, decisiveness, consistency and strength).

In Part two, “It’s time to self-assess” we talked about making the adjustments needed by looking at ourselves objectively and checking our vitals through self-assessment. By doing so, we found that we are able to appropriate and find perspective in real-time to recourse and influence our outcomes.

In Part three, “Don’t Forget Your Armor” we talked about the bumps and bruises that accompany manhood, the many hats we wear and the territory we have to fight to occupy.

Hopefully you have found yourself somewhere in our conversations and gained insights that give voice to what you had not spoken, and made sense of some things that you could not articulate!

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