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Memoirs of the Man (A  King’s journal)

Man to Man

Memoirs of the Man (A  King’s journal)

Memoirs of the Man (A  King’s journal)

The house is finally quiet, the activity of the day has slowed its pace and the family has gone to bed. A man sits alone in silence while his family transitions into a peaceful slumber.  He takes this time to reflect, to plan, to strategize, to ponder, and yes even sometimes he worries. The conversation he has with himself is about the many things he is responsible for, the people that depend on his influence and the elbow grease he needs to apply in order to flourish. The dialogue is complicated, the equations on the chalkboard of his mind seem long and unsolvable. As he wonders what to do next he stands at the board in his head talking himself through the daunting equation that is before him. He knows that everyone is waiting and watching to see if the problem can be solved. One bad calculation guarantees that he gets it WRONG, so he must be strategic…

Although my opening statement was metaphoric in nature; it reveals a small portion of the head space that men live in everyday. Most men are strong in public but often face moments of mental weakness when the lights are off. Beneath the armor is the frailty of the human frame that is expected to be the man of steel.

Undoubtedly this is often the reality for the upstanding hard working man. It doesn’t mean that he is destined to fail. It is simply the obstacle course that must be navigated in order to reach the goal. Unfortunately, some never fight through the obstacles and the responsibility that comes with being a man but succumb to the pressures and lose their destiny. On the other hand, there are men that see the challenges and don’t run from the battles but run toward them! Let’s change the narrative men, and get on the winning side. It’s a tough job being a king but somebody has to do it!

Words of encouragement:

  • The mantle may be heavy but it is prestigious wear it with pride!
  • Find other brothers to create a brotherhood, we are our brothers keeper!
  • You are wired to get the job done, keep the faith.
  • No man goes to war at his own expense (you have the provisions to win).

Four things we must have:

  1. Maturity- Accept your responsibility and excel!
  2. Decisiveness- Make the decisions you need to make and stop “pump faking”.
  3. Consistency- This is what gives you your momentum and determines your outcomes.
  4. Strength- Be strong and courageous, you are well able!


Written by: Tony Robinson

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