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How To Resolve Conflict in 5 Steps

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How To Resolve Conflict in 5 Steps

How To Resolve Conflict in 5 Steps

As we embark on a path to be the best version of ourselves, we will inevitably encounter conflict. In fact, the way we resolve this conflict will often determine our level of ascension on our journey. While there is no ONE method to resolve all conflict, there are some universal principles that will help us resolve most conflicts, whether it is conflict with another person, or conflict with reaching our goals. Check out these 5 Steps to Resolving Conflict.

1.) Remain Calm

The biggest obstacle to resolving conflict is getting so flustered that we lose the ability to think rationally. One reason why we do this is because we tend to take things personal. This is a HUGE mistake! Things that are happening to us are meant to teach us a lesson – about ourselves. People and/or situations are only a reflection of the energy we put out, and are merely opportunities for us to rise to greatness. Everyone we encounter are travelling on their own journey. We have no idea what they are enduring when we encounter them. So, it is best to keep a cool head and move on to Step 2.

2.) Assess the Situation

When faced with conflict, we must train ourselves to immediately assess the situation. Is this person / situation a threat to my safety? If our safety isn’t in question, then we can take our time and think things through.

3.) Create Alternative Solutions

Once we have calmed down and analyzed the situation, we can begin to examine various solutions to the conflict. By visualizing each prospective scenario all the way to the end we can ascertain the best outcome to the conflict. It is imperative that we learn to become problem solvers as opposed to problem makers or (worse) complainers. By developing a habit of creating solutions in our head, we will be ahead of most conflicts that will come our way.

4.) Choose and Implement A Solution

After creating alternative solutions, we must select a solution to the conflict, then implement it. Sounds like a no-brainer, but believe it or not, most people fail to implement their solution for whatever reason, so they remain in limbo about the conflict. We must consciously implement a solution so we can rest assured that the conflict is being resolved.

5.) Evaluate and Repeat Steps 1-4

Once your solution has been implemented, allow some time for things to change. Examine the results of your choice. Has the situation been resolved? If not, repeat steps 1-4 above.

Conflict is inevitable, and the only difference between an obstacle and a stepping stone is how we use it. When faced with conflict, recognize that this is an opportunity for us to be great. Let’s rise to the occasion by using these 5 steps!

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