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Taking Your Place in the Culture (We are “Culturally Rich”)


Taking Your Place in the Culture (We are “Culturally Rich”)

Taking Your Place in the Culture (We are “Culturally Rich”)

By: Tony Robinson

As I reflect on the cultural influence that African Americans have on society, I am mesmerized by both the historical and modern day impact we have made. In fact, we  continue to carve an indelible mark in this world that will not be easily erased. I think that it is so very important for us to understand our contributions and realize that those contributions have earned us a seat at the proverbial table. I believe that the richness that permeates in our culture is partly attributed to our journey and the lessons we learn along the way. It also comes from the pains of labor and the strength that it required to give birth to our dreams. We constantly grow from the resistance that is ever present forcing us to be creative under pressure and to take control of our outcomes. Like the diamond deep beneath the earth shaped under extreme pressure, our cultural magnificence is beautiful, it is diverse and it is a precious commodity! I think that it is safe to say that we possess an inheritance that has been acquired by conquest! We are culturally rich!

Now more than ever we must ask ourselves the tough questions. What can we do to manifest the greatness that is within our culture? What can we do to change some of the negative narratives to offset the preconceived ideas about us? There must be a call to action, a casting call for change agents that will commit to doing their part to secure their legacy. Each one of us has a responsibility to manage our lane and do our part.

In order for us to tap into the power we possess for good we must be:

Culturally Engaged: What is that you have that will add value to the culture ? Unlock your treasure and get engaged to make a difference.
A Cultural Influencer: Platform your influence to affect change and encourage others. This will cause a chain reaction of positive activity for the better.
A Cultural Ambassador: You are an authorized representative of the culture and have been given your own personal assignment carry out. Strategize your mission and hit your targets.
A Cultural Stakeholder: You have a stake in the culture! What you do and how you do it matters! Your contribution will affect those around you.

If we lack the knowledge of the inheritance we possess we will leave our chips on the table. We have to grow to a level of maturity and own the responsibilities we have been given to drive our culture forward!

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