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Happy New Year From Respected Roots Magazine!


Happy New Year From Respected Roots Magazine!

Happy New Year From Respected Roots Magazine!

If you are like us, then 2018 was a very monumental year.

As a brand, Respected Roots accumulated awards in 2018 that solidified our movement. Further entrenching ourselves into the culture, we launched Respected Roots Magazine last year to be an authentic voice to progress the culture forward. Of course, this was no easy feat. Hours upon hours went into curating just the right content that will speak to and for us. After months of preparation,  we released our inaugural issue into the world this past November. Judging from the way you all have responded, it appears we did you justice.

Readers… from the bottom of our hearts… we sincerely thank you for your support!

Because of your support, we have nearly 12,ooo monthly subscribers and national distribution through major chains. With this type of influence, Respected Roots Magazine has positioned ourselves to be THE voice of our culture. This is an assignment that we don’t take lightly. However, to continue to be that authentic voice, we need YOUR help.

We take great pride in listening to our audience, and responding to your needs. So, please feel free to interact with us as much as possible. Please share our stories that intrigue you with your friends and family. Please spread the word that there is now an authentic voice for us. Please subscribe and encourage others to subscribe as well. Most importantly, continue to follow our movement!

In 2019, Respected Roots Magazine has huge plans in store, things that will progressively shift our culture. We have assembled a diverse writing team that are ready to put in work to bring you the latest stories from our perspective. We are deeply involved with our communities helping our youth. Basically, in 2019, we are continuing what we began in 2018. If you are reading this, then we thank you for joining us.  As we ring in a New Year, let’s continue to progress the culture.

Happy New Year from Respected Roots Magazine!

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