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The Transition of a Legend (John Singleton)

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The Transition of a Legend (John Singleton)

The Transition of a Legend (John Singleton)

Written by: Tony Robinson 

An African American story was told in 1991 in a way that only John Singleton could have shared it. He exploded onto the scene with the masterpiece Boyz in the Hood giving the world a glimpse into the issues that plagued urban inner cities all over the world. South Central Los Angeles was the canvas he used to paint this real life drama as he highlighted the effect that drugs and gangs had on the African American culture. He told stories that heightened our awareness, warmed our hearts, and created a sense of pride to be black in America. He went on to direct and produce other culture-shifting and socially significant pieces like Poetic Justice, Baby Boy, Higher Learning and Hustle and Flow.  Black exploitation films like Super Fly and Shaft that preceded Singleton depicted stereotyped, violent entertainment for blacks, and were directed and produced by whites. John Singleton “Single” handily revived black films made by black filmmakers.  John had a passion to tell the story of what it was like growing up black in this country. He used his gift of writing to bring the world into the theater of thoughts to captivate, not just black audiences, but audiences of every shade and creed. John was the youngest and first African American to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Director. 

The ultimate mission of our journey in this life should be focused on leaving an indelible mark to say that we were here. The world lost an icon today. John Singleton left his mark that will never be erased. He changed the narrative and he positively impacted the culture. Today we have witnessed the Transition of a Legend!

Rest In Power!

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