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“King, I’m Sorry…”

Man to Man

“King, I’m Sorry…”

“King, I’m Sorry…”

Have you ever held a grudge with a brother for so long that you forgot what the beef was about? Or have you ever been out and about (maybe you’re at the gym) and catch a brother staring at you for a few seconds longer than you deem necessary?  You flare up, he flares up, and now your workout station has turned into a Battle Ground. Or what about this one… you discover you and another brother are sexing the same woman. For some reason, instead of addressing the woman, you take out your anger and frustrations on the brother when he couldn’t have done anything with her except what she allowed. Does any of this sound familiar?

I’m sure we can go on and on about the myriad of reasons why brothers beef with each other, but regardless of the reasons, the situation could have all been solved by saying three simple words: “King, I’m sorry.”

Sounds too simple right? It is simple! It’s simple to humble ourselves. It’s simple to take the path of least resistance. It is simple for us to extend a royal courtesy to our brothers. The only reason why it seems difficult is because we have not seen ourselves as brothers for quite some time. We have been conditioned in a dog-eat-dog world where if someone isn’t in our immediate circle, then we don’t consider them our brother. This.Must.Change.

It is a new day in America for the man of color. Just a casual observance of our environment will reveal that a target has been placed on our chest. (Granted, we have always been targeted since the inception of this country, but things have intensified.) We are being assaulted and insulted from every angle of our life activity. There is a war being waged against us and we have no allies except each other. For this reason, it is imperative that we show respect to one another in the same manner that a soldier pays homage to another soldier on the battlefield by offering a salute. You never know what type of day a brother is having whenever you encounter him.  We are all fighting our own battles juxtaposed by the same struggles. We’re all on a personal journey to either maintain or reclaim our personal Kingdom. We definitely have more in common than we have in different, so let’s embrace those commonalities and be of assistance to the brotherhood at large.

The next time that you and a brother are at odds, recognize the king in both of you, and hit him with, “King, I’m sorry.”

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