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National Chumps?


National Chumps?

National Chumps?

Written by: Jerome “J. Dot” Summers

The Clemson Tigers football team, who won the National Championship in collegiate football, were treated like National Chumps instead of National Champs during their visit and dinner at the White House.

As is custom, the National Champions visited the White House to have dinner with the president as a reward for spanking Alabama. Normally, there would be a feast fit for kings. However, due to budget cuts and no government funding, President Donald Trump fed the team a slew of fast food from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Pizza Hut. One could speculate that the President spent no more than three thousand dollars on the meal for the team that played their heart out to capture the national championship. Ironically, the same amount of money could have been spent preparing a real meal for the team through a private caterer since the White House kitchen staff were not working due to the government shutdown.

I thought it was a joke…” one of the Clemson Tigers’ players could be heared stating. If the food was not enough of an insult, instead of talking to the team about the championship or future plans after college, President Trump took it upon himself to talk “The Wall” and the building of “The Wall” before he left.

I get it, he is President Donald Trump and can do what he pleases, right? I suppose. However, as the President, if you can’t find the need to feed a team a proper meal, should we not think the same thing about you finding a real need to secure the United States borders with a wall? Hmm…

All it’s not lost though.  In the wake of the confusion, Ayesha Curry, wife of NBA superstar Steph Curry, has announced that she will provide the team with a proper meal more befitting their accomplishment. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how we progress the culture!

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