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Millions of Pounds of Beef Recalled Because of Salmonella Newport


Millions of Pounds of Beef Recalled Because of Salmonella Newport

Millions of Pounds of Beef Recalled Because of Salmonella Newport

Imagine getting off work after a long hard day and coming home to enjoy a lovely meatloaf meal with your family around the table. You all talk about your day, then share a few laughs before going to bed. The next thing you know, everyone in your home wakes up the next morning to stomach cramps, diarrhea, fever and possible vomiting caused by Salmonella Newport. 

People have been eating meat for decades and yet we still seem to have a growing number of cases and outbreaks of diseases from the food we eat. I can recall we were told in 2001 that eating certain beef products from infected cattle caused Mad Cow disease. Then,  in 2007, it was reported that spinach was giving people Salmonella. Now, beef is causing Salmonella Newport.  Salmonella Newport is a disease that has been found on beef products packaged and distributed by JBS Tolleson, Inc., out of Tolleson, Arizona.


As of October 4, 2018, a reported 246 confirmed cases of Salmonella Newport were confirmed by FSIS and the CDC from twenty states across the nation with more possible cases to surface. The company  JBS Tolleson, Inc. have recalled 12,093,271 pounds of beef that were packaged during the dates of July 26, 2018 to September 7, 2018. They also reported that all of the meat was not recovered and is urging families to discard any beef products that was purchased during those dates. 


To ensure that the bacteria is safely killed and removed from contaminated meat, consumers should cook the meat at a temperature of 160 and use food thermometers that can measure the internal temperature of the meat. Also, to help eliminate the spread of Salmonella Newport, after handling raw meat you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water as well as clean your countertops with Clorox and warm water.

Of course, the only way to ensure total healthy eating is to simply grow your own food and change your diet. 

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